Instant wash
for reusable cups


Café Dunk is a food grade solution to sanitise external surfaces of reuseable cups.

In Australia, over one billion takeaway coffee cups pile up in land fill each year… To solve this problem, we need a nation-wide community of cafes and coffee drinkers who swap single use coffee cups for reusable ones. 

Whilst our community has wholeheartedly embraced keep-cups, Covid 19 has caused the reusable cup to take the back seat whilst we prioritise hygiene.To solve this problem, Café Dunk has quickly worked to create an efficient and safe sanitising system for reusable cups! 

This solution allows our beloved baristas to effectively clean & sanitise reusable cups so we can continue to use them safely in our cafes across Australia. As well as being used to sanitise reusable cups, our Café Dunk solution can also be diluted and used as a multipurpose spray to sanitise kitchen equipment and surfaces.


Step 1

Dispense 40ml Solution to 4L water – use the measuring chamber at top of bottle

Step 2

Dunk re-useable cups into bucket with solution and leave for 30 sec – 1 minute.

Step 3

Wash under hot tap of coffee machine, jug rinser or sink

Step 4

Done. Re-useable cups will be sanitised and ready to fill.

Café Dunk is a food grade solution and can also be used diluted at a rate of 20:1 for sanitising kitchen equipment, food preparation surfaces and small scale sanitisation areas. Simply decant into Spray bottle, spray a fine mist onto precleaned areas and leave to air dry.

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