New Zealand wants Cafe Dunk too!

Cafe Dunk is a reusable cup sanitiser – a simple solution (literally!) to make the use of reusable cups safe for both barista and customer.

News is spreading fast – cafes and baristas in Shanghai, India and New Zealand are impatient to get hold of this Aussie-made, Aussie-owned solution! They might have to be patient – but Australian cafe customers can stop DUMPING and start DUNKING today!

Now available via distributors across Australia, we’re letting cafe operators know how you and your cafe can be part of the solution (to the problem of disposable cups) by using our solution! Follow the link to the article to read more about how a focus on sustainability, a love of coffee and clever chemistry have combined to make a true difference to the world!

And if you’re a coffee consumer and your reusable cup has been gathering dust of late – get it out and get back to preventing millions of disposable cups from hitting landfill. If your local cafe hasn’t got Cafe Dunk – let them know where you read about us!

If you’d like to be a distributor of Cafe Dunk reusable cup sanitiser, drop us a line – and we’ll have you Dunking in no time:

If you’d like to buy now, shop here:

Bring back the reusable cup with cafe dunk

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