Our Story

In Australia, one billion paper coffee cups, along with their plastic lids, are thrown away every year.

There are numerous sources that cite the increasing use of paper coffee cups in Australia and the impact on sustainability of both ‘regular’ and even recyclable paper cups. Most agree the best solution is the reusable cup.

Cafe Dunk was born to get reusable cups back into cafes

Sean Edwards is a well-known name in café circles. As founder of the Café Culture brand, he and his entrepreneurial team have long been thought leaders in all things coffee and café. As keen advocates and campaigners for sustainability through the widespread use of reusable cups since the late 90’s, they watched with growing alarm as COVID pandemic restrictions all but forced cafes and customers to stop using them.

Greg Gates, Managing Director of the Sirron Holdings Group, has become a well-known name in sustainability in business, leading the Group operations to being close to carbon neutral through energy efficiencies and technology improvements over the past 5 years.

A casual conversation about hospitality sanitising products between these two innovators during COVID restrictions revealed their common concern at the implications of sustainability on the drop in reusable cup use.

They quickly identified that the difficulty of managing the speedy cleaning and sanitising of the reusable cups was a problem no one seemed able to tackle.

The solution is a solution…

With the instant alignment between the sustainability values at the heart of both the Sirron Group and Sean’s Café Culture organisation, we mobilised our respective teams to collaborate on solving the key issues holding the industry back: speed and ease of application and impact of the product on baristas, equipment and the reusable cups themselves.

We developed a food-grade ‘dunking’ solution for reusable cups that sanitises in 30 seconds-1 minute. By the time you’ve ordered and paid for your coffee, the cup is ready for the barista to make it!

We are committed to continuing to provide solutions to positively change the way cafes operate in the future. Café Dunk – a simple solution with a simple name.