What do I use Café Dunk for?

Café Dunk is a food grade sanitising solution developed as a wash to ensure re-useable coffee cups are sanitised and safe for use. Simply dispense concentrated solution into the white pail provided, top up with water and it is ready to use

What are the key benefits of Café Dunk?

Café Dunk is a a food grade sanitiser that is non-hazardous, non corrosive, non-abrasive and non-flammable. The Dunk solution is gentle on hands and safe to use when Directions for Use are followed.

How do I Use the Café Dunk Solution?

Step 1: Dispense 40mls of concentrated Dunk solution into 4L of water. The 1L twin chamber bottles have a measuring compartment to assist with dispensing.

Step 2: Dunk Re-Useable cups into solution and leave for 30 secs – 1 minute. Rinse and/or Hit with a shot of steam!


How often do I change the Dunk solution?

Change Dunk solution after 50 cup dunks or if solution appears dirty and cloudy. Rinse Pail and refill

Discard Dunk Solution at the end of each day.

How do I Dispose of the Café Dunk Solution?

Café Dunk solution is biodegradable and safe to dispose down the sink or drain waste.

What water temperature do I use?

Café Dunk can be used with room temperature or warm water for a sanitising time of 30 sec – 1 minute. The hotter the water, the faster the solution will sanitise cups.

Will the Solution affect the flavour of coffee?

Café Dunk solution is a food grade sanitiser without fragrance or taste so will not affect the taste of coffee.

How do I store the 1L Café Dunk Concentrated Solution bottles?

Store in a cool, dry place

Is this suitable for use on all re-useable cup varieties?

Café Dunk is suitable forglass, stainless steel and plastic re-useable cups

What else can I Sanitise?

Café Dunk can also be used as a final sanitising step for cleaned kitchen utensils to ensure ultimate sanitation.

How do I purchase Café Dunk?

Café Dunk is availalble from leading Café Supply distributors. Contact us for more information.

Where is Café Dunk made?

Café Dunk is made by Zexa part of the Sirron Holdings group right here at Caves Beach in NSW and we are 100% Australian owned.

Are there additional Cleaning products available for Cafes and Hospitalty?

Here at Zexa we have a large range of cleaning and sanitising products perfect for Hospitality, Cafés and Restaurants. Click this link for more information.